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absolutely amateur bravostrology: a bravo podcast

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Monday May 06, 2024

Vanderpump Rules S11 E14: For Old Toms Sake. WE ARE BACK! (and not sorry about our surprise hiatus). Miles and Katelyn go through the bravo news of the week and then give a detailed list of all your Taurus Bravolebrities. Then they dive head first into this weeks episode of VPR. There is a lot to discuss as the group gathers up in the city of rice-a-roni. Like does Brock have a brick for a brain?
Enjoy this weeks episode of Bravo is a Sagittarius! 
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Welcome to Salon Salon

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Vanderpump Rules S11 E11: May the Best Woman Win recap. Katelyn and Miles are here to catch up on the Bravo and astrology of the week. They question who the fuck "the Craig" is and why Jojo Siwa is everywhere on the internet. A whole lot of two-faced moments are dissected by Katelyn and Miles and they ponder the possibility of Jo being a horse girl. Most of all in this episode there is sexiness! There is cringe! And there is downright betrayal! It's a taste of what vintage Vanderpump Rules has given the world, what a treat for us all. Enjoy!

Team Katie with the Banging

Monday Apr 08, 2024

Monday Apr 08, 2024

Vanderpump Rules S11 E10: Line in the Sand recap episode. Miles and Katelyn (self proclaimed professionals in talking sh*t) are here and ready to talk all things Bravo. They give the details of the week in bravo and in astrology before diving into the latest uncensored/unedited episode of VPR. Blah Blah Blah is all they hear when bLAhLa talks about what Ariana should and should not do. They found the water tasting to be more of a water boring. and they don't hold back when sharing their thoughts about that attempted dog murderer and his firing of Ann. Protect Ann! 

Weee Wooo Everyone's Gay

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Vanderpump Rules S11 E9: Kiss Kiss, Revenge Bang - Just barely in time for Mercury in Retrograde, Miles and Katelyn have your VPR recap ready to go! Listen up as they give you tips on how to survive this months Merc in Retch. Listen up as they tell you everything you missed in the bravo universe for the week. Listen up as they try to figure out why Lala is all the sudden so nice to men. And Listen up as they conclude that everyone here is probably just a little bit gay. 
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Monday Mar 25, 2024

Vanderpump Rules S11 E8: Peaks and Valleys recap. Much like the title says this week has been full of peaks and valleys. BIAS is back and here to give you the full run down of why! All the details you need on the mercury in retrograde shadow period, the lunar eclipse in libra and of course all the bravo news for the past 7 days. Miles and Katelyn recap the latest VPR episode and celebrate their correct predictions of Jos rising sign.
We did our best this week and we hope you did too! 
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Big Week For Us

Monday Mar 18, 2024

Monday Mar 18, 2024

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 7: Written in the Stars recap
WOW! What can we say other than, this is a big week for us in the VPR universe! Blessed are we, the bravostrologers, to receive an episode that has birth charts on CAMERA! You know that Miles and Katelyn are here to dig deep into everything said about our VPR girlies placements. While we were blessed with an astrology heavy episode we were also "blessed" with a Jo heavy episode. Jo showed us new levels of cringe that we didn't know were possible on reality TV. Ally can we get a Jo reading please? 
Thanks for listening! and as always we are amateurs in the field of astrology and anything we say should not be taken as absolutes. We are more than one sign, and we all have a little bit of them in all of us! 
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Monday Mar 11, 2024

Vanderpump Rules S11 E6 "Saw It on the Graham" recap episode. Miles and Katelyn are here to keep you in the loop on all the Bravo news (aka Bravo lawsuits). They give a little preview of Aries season and all the little quirks  reality tv Aries have. They decide to focus on having some fun while breaking down the latest episode of VPR. They search high and low for this "apology" that Scheana says she received from you know who. They end the episode by talking about how creeped out we all feel after watching that VPR After Show. 

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

Katelyn and Miles have brought you another Traitors recap! It’s the penultimate episode of The Traitors Season 2 and your hosts break down the important moments. There are predictions, speculations and even a brief analysis on Cancer men’s love of being nurtured. Hear all of Katelyn and Miles’ thoughts on an extremely entertaining season and what THEY would do during The Final Day (Episode 10)

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

Vanderpump Rules S11 E5 "Lake it or Break It" recap episode is here! But first Miles and Katelyn break down all the Bravo news from the week, while drinking a cursed cocktail. They try their best to understand all the lawsuits floating around. They get into Pisces season, Pisces behavior on reality tv and all the Pisces in the Bravoverse. Then on to the recap where they ask the usual hard hitting questions such as: Can this man just learn to do laundry? Does James even know what anal glands are ? and was it a wasp or a bee that gave its life so we didn't have to hear about a man crying? 
Enjoy! and while you are here please rate, review and subscribe! 

Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

Surprise! Its another Traitors bonus recap episode just for you. Listen up while miles and Katelyn go through the important moments of The Traitors through the latest episode: Episode 9 The Game of Death. 
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